Investing Without Borders

Do you live in Australia and need an overseas mortgage?

Investing in a new country is a huge step. We can provide you with the right advice to help make the process easier.

U.S Investments

If you are building a portfolio of properties in the U.S for investment purposes, Our Foreign National Mortgage Program makes buying a home in the US easier for non-US citizens.


Borderless Mortgagor Group provides access to overseas mortgages that are catered specifically for Australians who wish to purchase investment properties overseas.

350+ MOrtgage lenders

To make sure you get the best deal on your mortgage we search thousands of mortgages from the largest panel of Non-Resident Lenders, including international banks and boutique lenders to help people on all levels of the property ladder find what they’re looking for.


After finding your mortgage, we’ll guide you through every step of the mortgage application process to make it as stress-free as possible and our extensive knowledge of the market means we can help anyone based on their individual circumstances. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way to ensure you’re never out of the loop.

“We know which mortgage strategy is going to save you money”

Borderless Mortgagor Group is a registered Credit Representative with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Start your mortgage search today online in just seconds and get your free no-obligation mortgage quote today!